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Contractors License #868779.  Specializing in Automatic Controls, Heaters, and Energy-Efficient Pumps

Serving the Inland Empire of Southern California  

Our Customers

Every year, Technical Pool Repair works directly for 700+ home owners and indirectly with many others through 62 pool service companies that refer their most challenging repairs to us.

What we do:

We are a repair only company. As such, we stock more heater, controller, electrical, and pump parts than do most pool guys. Check out our YouTube Truck Tour. A dedicated repair truck like this allows us to complete up to 80% of our repairs in a single trip.

By focusing on repairs (as opposed to cleaning pools), we have accumulated more hands on repair experience than have the "do it all" pool guys. Thus, although our hourly rate is about $10 higher than the average, more in-stock parts, more experience, and more in-truck reference literature means that our repairs are often much faster (and therefore less expensive) than is our "cheaper" competition.  

Technical Pool Repair is a leader in energy saving solutions that save you money and make your pool clearer and easier to maintain. Additionally, we engineer solutions that go beyond what the major manufacturers produce. Since we work with all brands of pumps and controllers, we are often able to integrate new variable speed pumps to work with older control systems in ways the the manufacturers never intended--they would offer only more expensive complete upgrades.   

Our website

  • Our website is designed to inform the consumer as well as promote our business. Aside from the details about our company, the site also contains information about energy efficiency, sanitization, and equipment.
  • More technical discussions and new solutions are featured on my blog (link on ribbon near the top of page).
  • If you are looking for someone to clean your pool, Technical Pool Repair does not do this, but check out the "Pool Guys" link at the bottom of the page. We work with all the pool guys listed on that page. I am sure you can find someone in your area.
  • Additionally, the right hand column of the "Pool Guys" page also has links to leak detection companies, underwater repair technicians, re-plasterers, and other specialty contractors.

The most beautiful pool is the one in your backyard on a hot summer day.  At Technical Pool Repair we specialize in making pools easy to use and cost effective to maintain.